Coastal Business Group is a turnkey service provider for the residential, commercial, and telecommunications industry throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho. We offer a full range of services including site acquisition, design, consulting, property management, site development, zoning/permitting, project management of architectural and engineering services. Our headquarters is located in Orange County, CA.

Site Acquisition

We will actively represent clients with suitable options for site development to ensure the best selection is made for their new site builds and modifications.


Our in-house legal counsel is available to our clients to assist in drafting leases, amendments, easements, vesting documents, and record real property documents.

Zoning & Permitting

Our clients will be provided the best representation to get you through all aspects of land use and permitting requirements with any jurisdiction from start to finish.


The purpose of Coastal Business Group is to provide site acquisition, design, and consulting services to the residential, commercial, and telecommunications industry that exceeds all expectations.

Culture & Careers

If you feel that you can assist Coastal Business Group’s continued growth with your experience, motivation, or willingness to learn, send us a resume we would love to hear from you.


For over a decade, Coastal Business Group has hosted a successful annual charity golf tournament to raise money to benefit various charities in the local Southern California community.

Industry News

Let’s Stay in touch! Keep connected with Coastal Business Group for the latest up to date telecommunication industry news, opportunities, charity events, company developments and culture.